Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zane's First Easter

In the rush of Easter morning, I didn't get any pictures on the actual day of Easter, but I really thought Zane was cuter on the day before at the Easter egg hunt anyway. We had the hardest time finding a dressy Easter outfit in Zane's size. Maybe I waited too late to look or didn't look in the right places, but all we could find were toddler outfits or more casual outfits. On Easter Sunday, after trying on several combinations, he ended up in a "polo" type romper with khaki color pants over it because all of his jeans that are long enough fall off his waist! I was slightly disappointed. Nonetheless, we had a great time at the Easter Egg hunt (for Zane it was more of an Easter egg reach) at our church on the day before Easter and I wanted to share the pictures.

My Easter bunny!

He figured out what to do with the borrowed Easter basket

"You said this was an egg, right? Aren't eggs food?"

It was very bright outside so this is the best picture we were able to get of the 3 of us.

Zane with Pops & Gigi

Zane's first experience with a chainlink fence

After the egg hunt, we met Tommy's family for lunch to celebrate his Aunt Nancy's birthday. Zane had a good time with his Great-Memaw and Great-Pops and his Great-Aunt Nancy.
Great-Memaw & Great-Pops loving on Zane

Our happy guy!

Easter sure is exhausting!

With love,


Thursday, April 1, 2010

7 Months Old

Zane! You are growing too quickly! You turned 7 months old yesterday. I am amazed every day at how much you learn and how grown up you have become. You weigh 18 lbs now! You have been staying home with Daddy all month and you guys have had so much fun together.

You sit up really well now! You can sit up all day long it seems. You love this new way of looking at the world and you sit up and play all the time. You have also been rolling over more, usually from your tummy to your back because you hate tummy time. You get a little more mobile every day. Before long, you will be all over the house!
Your new favorite thing is waving. You wave all day long, one hand or both. We need to get video of this! It started out a very slow deliberate hand wave while you watched your own hand in fascination. It has become an exaggerated, "blinker" motion that you do constantly- if you see someone across the room, yourself in the mirror, when you're happy, sometimes even when you're crying.
You are getting better and better at communicating with us. It pulls at my heart whenever you are playing on your own and then you look up at me and cry and reach for me to tell me you want to be picked up! You reach for everything now! We have to constantly move things out of your reach or they will be right in your mouth.

You especially want our food and cups! You LOVE to eat still! I am not sure if you would ever get enough. You get very upset when we stop feeding you, no matter how much we give you. You seem like such a big boy sitting in your booster chair at restaurants and eating with the family!

You have one tooth! (Almost 2). Teething has not been our favorite thing but we are managing. Unfortunately, we have also had to continue breathing treatments. All month you had to take at least 2 a day for the preventive medicine even though your wheezing got much better early in the month. Just as we were about to be done, you got a cold and sure enough, you started coughing and wheezing again. This has led to another ear infection too! This is feeling like an everlasting cycle! We hope that you will feel better quickly and that we won't have to keep doing breathing treatments forever. We have at least another month ahead of us....

Zane (6 mos) & cousin Lylah (2 mos)

Most of the time, you are just about the happiest baby in the world. We are having so much fun with you! We are so glad you are our little boy!

Zane making the bedtime story difficult!

With love,