Monday, March 23, 2009

Crystal & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

So today had to be the worst morning ever. No kidding. I am starting to get to a point where I think I can laugh at it so I figured I would share for the amusement of all. I got up this morning for a normal Monday and started getting ready. After my shower, I wasn't feeling great, which is not terribly unusual for me at that point in the morning. I managed to make it to breakfast and typically I feel much better after I eat my cheerios. Today, though I was still a little iffy even after breakfast. I gagged a little on my stupid horse pill of a prenatal vitamin and almost lost my breakfast but managed to "hold it in"- yes Robin, I can do that sometimes, and continued on with quickly getting ready so I would not make Tommy late to work. I hurried into the car, the new car by the way, to finish my hair and makeup on the way to work. A few minutes after leaving, I started really feeling bad again so I laid my seat back and closed my eyes for a little bit to try to feel better. About half way through the drive, I seemed to be feeling better so I sat back up to try to get my makeup done before we got to work. 30 seconds later, I realized that I apparently was not feeling better and tried to lay back again to salvage myself. Apparently, it was too late. I yelled at Tommy to pull over, and poor guy tried, but when you are on N 287 in the fast lane with a tiny left shoulder, there is only so much you can do. I couldn't hold back any longer, and threw up all over my work clothes, Tommy's car, and my purse. He did manage to get pulled over in time for me to get my 2nd & 3rd wave out the side of the car, hoping none of the zooming cars going by was going to take off the car door or my head. Some stupid jerk actually honked at us. Why do you honk at the poor pregnant lady puking out of the side of her car? Like anyone does that intentionally!
At that point, we decided we would need to turn around and go home to clean up. Since our friends, Aubra & Andrew, that Tommy works with, saw us on the side of the road, Tommy didn't need much of an alibi. I tried to clean myself up as best as possible with a few napkins that Tommy had in his car but there were just not enough napkins. I spent the 20 minute drive home (with the window cracked for Tommy's sake) afraid to move, because I was afraid I would just spread the mess. Tommy thought that I should probably just stay home after all that and by the time we got home, I decided he was probably right. To make matters worse, when I was trying to get all my stuff out of the car, I accidentally dumped my makeup bag out into the vomit... and I broke my only eyelash comb. :-( In assessing the damage, I determined that a simple handwashing and changing clothes was not going to cut it. I was going to need a full shower, wash my hair, everything. Basically my whole day had to be reset. Showering again starts the getting ready process over and I would need to try to eat breakfast again since I had lost everything I had eaten that morning. By the time I rinsed my clothes out and got them in the wash and did all that, it would be 10:30 or 11 at the earliest by the time I could get myself back to work. On top of all that, I still wasn't feeling great and would definitely not be moving at my fastest.
I decided it would be a better use of Cook Children's money to pay me for a day of earned vacation/sick day rather than pay me for a whole day when I was only going to get in 5 hours or so of actual work time. I also wasn't completely sure if this was just pregnancy sick or if maybe I was actually sick. After breakfast was a very unusual time for me to be so sick, especially the last couple of weeks since I have been feeling so much better. It would be hard for me to commit to coming in late not knowing if I was actually going to feel up to going at all. So I called in and took a sick day. I feel a little guilty, but I have done very well and not taken any days off even when I was so super sick early on in the first trimester. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be leaving much work for my team members that couldn't wait until I go back tomorrow. So I got myself cleaned up and got my clothes in the washer and tried to eat something. My appetite is not quite back today and I really haven't felt great but I haven't been throwing up again. I took a long nap and have been lounging around, trying to redeem the rest of my day. Hopefully, the excitement is over for today and tomorrow I can go back to my typical second trimester self, not throwing up out the side of cars. Tommy and I will probably be looking for a good car wash today, someone that will shampoo the interior perhaps. Tommy did his best to clean up the car, but I am a little concerned that it will never quite be the same.

On a happier note, everyone has been asking when we will find out the baby's gender, so I thought I would go ahead and share that we should find out at our next sonogram on Good Friday, April 10. We will definitely update you all as soon as we find out. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be better!!



  1. I feel your pain sis! While I felt much better during the 2nd trimester when I was pregnant with Emma, I still had random waves of vomiting even into the 5th month! I think you are just plain 'ol "pregnancy sick." NOT FUN! I agree that you should have taken the day off. Vomiting in the car is traumatic and you need time to emotionally heal from the event!!! Our poor husbands- they do have to go through so much, don't they?

  2. I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time! I was not hardly sick with the first 2, 3rd time around I did do my share of hugging the toilet! What got me the 2nd time around was when our Emma would throw up in the car! I couldn't even get her out 1/2 the time! I usually ended up calling James or a friend of mom's to come help me. if I even put my head the car to get her out I was gagging! And for some reason, her getting sick in the car got to be a regular thing! And it doesn't matter if it's bottle or breast all stinks!
    Hope things go better the rest of the week!!! You are definitely in my prayers!