Saturday, August 29, 2009

Patience, patience.....

I am 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant now, meaning that little Zane is full term and could come at any point now. A couple of weeks ago, I was really freaking out about how quickly he could be here and I was frantic to try to finish everything. Now, we pretty much have everything done and ready and we are just waiting. Neither me or Tommy are very good at just waiting. Part of the reason that I end up being late all the time is because if I have a few minutes, I want to do just one more thing which typically makes me run late. I also hate getting places early and then having to sit around. Tommy just gets bored and feels like he should be doing something fun instead of waiting. I think he is even more ready than I am at this point mostly out of sheer boredom..... He told me yesterday that he almost sent me a text message from work saying, "Can you go into labor now? I'm bored." He didn't send it, but that's where he is mentally. It's kind of like the last couple of weeks before your wedding when all the major stuff is pretty much done and you are just ready to be done with it all and be married already. The only difference is that we don't have a specific date to wait for. Everyday we wake up and wonder, "Will today be the day?" and then we go to bed a little disappointed when nothing has happened. It is really difficult to be simultaneously mentally prepared to have a baby any day but also be prepared for another 2+ weeks of pregnancy, especially at this point in the pregnancy. I am feeling pretty good most of the time, but I am quite ready to be done with this part. Funny how you think you are going to be scared about labor and all that it entails, but really I am just so ready to see my little boy that I don't really care what I will have to endure in the short run to be able to see him. Labor is just a temporary means to an end.
Everything has been going well and I am feeling pretty good most of the time. My doctor was slightly concerned at my appointment last week because of the way he was measuring but when they did a sonogram, he looked fine and he is all the right size but just has a slightly smaller abdomen than most. They think he will probably just be tall and skinny, but who is really surprised about that? Have you seen Tommy? They are watching us a little more closely now but everything is still looking fine. We will go back to the doctor on Monday. Every time we go to the doctor now, we are basically ready to be admitted to the hospital. On Wednesday this week, we had the car packed and everything just in case. We are taking the "Be prepared" approach.
Personally, Tommy and I are rooting for any day now, but my dad is pulling for Monday so that he can share his birthday with Zane. So, cross your fingers and send some good "go into labor" vibes our way this weekend. Please be praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy!!

With love,


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