Thursday, May 13, 2010

8 Months Old!

You are getting so big!! So, technically you have been 8 months for 13 days already, but let's pretend it's April 30. Mommy has been a little busy! You amaze us every day as you learn and grow so much! You are getting more and more mobile every day. We set you on the floor and you quickly pull yourself onto your stomach and scoot yourself around in circles grabbing everything you can reach. You are not crawling yet as you still have trouble pulling yourself forward but you don't stay in the spot that we put you, that's for sure.

Your personality comes out more and more each day. We have had lots of fun with you this month! You belly laugh at silly things all the time. Your dramatic side has come out a little more. You are definitely laid back and happy, but you make some dramatic faces and you are very vocal!

You love to eat! We could feed you baby food for hours and you would probably still keep opening your mouth for us to put food in and get upset when we finished. You cry every time we tell you "all done" with your food, even after we increased the amount we give you. There are very few things that you haven't liked. You do, however, have quite an opinion about formula. We began supplementing with formula this month. You did fine the first few times when we were using pre-mixed liquid formula samples. Later that week, however, we tried the regular powdered formula and you absolutely refused it, even when it was just 1 oz of formula mixed with 5 or more ounces of breastmilk. For whatever reason, you could tell the difference and you went on a hunger strike with Dad! We got some more pre-mixed liquid formula and you have taken that just fine. I think you share my sensitivity to different textures in food. :-(

You finally started consistently sleeping all the way through the night this month. You occasionally wake up once during a night for a very brief period of time, but for the most part you are usually out for the whole night although you still sometimes wake up earlier than we would like. You don't seem to understand why Mommy & Daddy don't want to play and talk at 6am.

You played with Noah (6 mos in this picture) at our cousin Isabella's 9th birthday party.

Isabella and Zane

Doesn't it look like he is taking the picture of himself? Remind you of anyone else we know?

All dressed up for church

We are getting a bit old for the swing. You get frustrated that you cannot put the toys from the mobile in your mouth!

We took a quick trip to Waco this month and visited with our friends, Keith & Rachel, and their kids Naomi (2 1/2) and Caleb (2 1/2 weeks!). Landon, Nikki, & London came too! It was great to catch up with old friends. We couldn't believe that we were all old enough to have kids! It seems like just yesterday we all lived in the dorms!

You love seeing Pops & Gigi at church every Sunday!

Fallon & Lylah came for a brief visit this month and you had a great time with Aunt Fallon. You stayed up a little too late that night and got into a really silly mood. You loved having your cousin Lylah around and kept looking at her and saying "bah-bah-bah" as though you were trying to say "baby" but couldn't figure it out. Fallon decided to help you figure it out and you thought it was HILARIOUS! This is one of my favorite moments with you so far!

You are so much fun to be around! 8 months is a great age!! We love you Zane!

With love,

Mommy (Crystal)

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