Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Fun

We have been having so much fun already this summer!

We are learning the cool way to wear a baseball hat.

We have played with our friends a lot.

Zane with friend Casey (or "Cakey" as Zane calls him)

I caught that picture right before they started trying to push each other out of the car! :-)

We have also been swimming a couple of times.

YouTube Video

This was Zane's first time back in the pool but it was still pretty cold in the water. When we got all the way in yesterday, Zane was a little apprehensive and clingy. I think he has learned some fear since last year. I wonder if the accidental plunge he took in April had anything to do with that. :-) I am fine with some healthy fear as long as he can still have fun!

Today we went to the church picnic. This picture will be great bribe material in about 15 years!

I am liking this blogging app but I can only post with pictures and videos that are on my phone. Maybe soon I will get a chance to do some more from my actual camera!

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

With love,


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