Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 months old!

Time is flying by!
Sweet Taryn May,
You are already 2 months old! You are such a good baby. You have begun to show more of your personality. You have been very quick to smile and make fun faces at us lately. You are also finding your voice. You like "oo" and "ah" with an occasional "cuh" or "guh". Your daddy gets you smiling and talking quicker than anyone else! I think you are going to start laughing any day.

Zane loves to kiss you on the face and talk to you. He also really likes to try to pat and talk to you when you are asleep but we try to keep him from disturbing your rest as much as possible! You love to watch him as he runs around and acts silly.
You are starting to enjoy toys now. You like to sit in your bouncy seat and smile at the monkey and the lion. You also love the sea animal mobile on your swing. You fuss every time they stop moving.

You are an incredible sleeper. You started consistently sleeping through the night at about 5 weeks old. I usually feed you for the last time between 9:30 and 11, even if I have to wake you up, and then you sleep until at least 7. There have been days that I had to wake you up at 8:30! I think we may try to drop that late night feed soon and see if you can go all night.

Your beauty brings you attention just about everywhere we go. Your long hair and pretty little eyes are quite striking!

I just can't believe how fast you are growing!

Here are some pics from our month:

Taryn shared her first swim with Zeke & Zad Thompson (6 mos old). She wasn't sure what to think about it all.


Zane loves to dance at his summer music class!

Zane had his first movie theater experience on July 4th. We saw Despicable Me through the Kids' Summer Movie Club.

Happy 4th of July!

Zane is really in to super heroes right now. Any super hero will do but his current favorites seem to be Thor, Iron Man, and Wonder Woman.

Daddy ranks pretty high on the list too!

YouTube Video

What a blessed life we lead!

With love,

Mommy (Crystal)

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