Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 months

You just keep growing even though I tell you to stop! You are 5 months old now. At your 4 month appointment a few weeks ago, you were in about the 50th percentile for weight and height. You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes but you are fully filling them out. Sadly, I think I will be pulling out the next box of clothes very soon. That always makes it feel so much more real that you are growing up!

You are still so sweet and easy-going. You pretty much only fuss if you are hungry or sleepy. You absolutely adore your brother! You belly laugh and squeal with joy when he jumps and dances in front of you. The way that you look at him in complete adoration reminds me of the way that I saw my brothers when I was a little girl. I pray that he will be a good example for you as my brothers were for me because I know that he will be your hero for many years.

You still aren't very mobile but I am really okay with that. You rolled from your belly to your back one time yesterday. This was the first roll over. You sure can scoot around on your back in circles though.

Our new adventure this month has been baby food. It took you a few tries to decide that you liked it. You just weren't very interested at first. Once you caught on, though, you really got into it. Now we have eaten baby oatmeal, pears, and carrots and you like them all. You like to help us by pulling our hand with the spoon to your mouth.

We are just having so much fun with you!

Here are some pics from the past month:

Sweet siblings! Think I can bribe them with this in 14 years?

The Curry cousins all came to visit in September. Everyone had a great time! Foster (2 1/2), Emma (5 1/2), Lylah (2 1/2), Zane (3), & Taryn in front.

Cousin fun!

First time eating!

Happy 3rd birthday to our nephew Noah!

Taryn's first ponytail!

Pigtails! Our new favorite hairdo!

With love,

Mommy (Crystal)

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