Thursday, April 16, 2009


So sorry that it has taken me a whole week to update with our big news. It has been a super busy week and I have been waiting until I could scan the sono pictures into the computer to include them.

So for weeks, I have been totally convinced that we were having a girl. I talked to so many people who predicted girl for various reasons- I was so so sick, the heart rate was a little higher than average, etc. I just really thought it was a girl. Tommy was still holding out hope for a boy though, more because he didn't like the idea of everyone being right. Turns out, Tommy was right!! We are having a BOY!! Let me tell you how much Tommy enjoyed making phone calls to tell everyone that they had been wrong! We are very excited for sure. I had to make a major mind shift from girl to boy but it is great.

I love this one. He is sucking his thumb!

This one needs a little explanation. He is giving us a rear shot. You can see his little booty and that is his little boy part in the middle there. The sonogram lady was very sure that he is definitely a boy!

Our boy name has been picked out from the beginning. That is one thing that we actually agreed on. The little guy's name is Zane. It depends on what website you are on, but if you look in the right place, Zane is from Hebrew origin and it means "the Lord is gracious." We are still discussing the middle name. We have it narrowed down but haven't made a decision just yet. We will let you know. Honestly, I think we are avoiding that decision at this point.

Instead we have been trying to come to an agreement on nursery decor. Here are some things that we have found that we like.

We loved these cute custom letters. We may try to make one ourselves-

Tommy loves the 1-2-3-4 in the background of this one. We have already talked to our friend Landon about trying to make something like this for us-

That is where our thoughts are this week. What do you think? We welcome comments! Just don't tell us if you hate all of it.....



  1. Just a humble opinion from the baby's aunt Jill... I LOVE the CoCaLo Baby Peek A Boo Friends bedding set. If Emma had been a boy, we were going to pick CocaLo Alphabet Soup bedding- I LOVE CocaLO. All of there stuff is very cute, very good quality. I like it that there are several textures in the fabric- the green is a soft velour, very comfy. I also like it that it has black and white in it so you could decorate with some black and white if you'd like. Very cute. Ok, so there's my opinion (but I won't be hurt if you choose something else!)

  2. ok, i like the CocaLO and the Jungle 123. they are both very similar so its hard to pick. this baby stuff is tough & baby zane isnt even here yet!
    but i'm so excited for you! yay!