Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kickin' It

Hello All!

We haven't had much to update about the last couple of weeks. I have had a pretty rough couple of weeks at work, just a lot of really intense and difficult situations with patients and families. That has left me pretty much wiped out by the time I get home, usually later than Tommy would prefer.

For Mother's Day, Tommy got me an Itunes gift card (and some grass in the backyard) and Zane gave me a moment of nausea at church.... That is life though. The exciting news we got this weekend is that Craig and Fallon are now expecting. This means that Zane will now have 3 cousins within 3 months of his age!! Tommy's sister- Tammy is due in October, my sister-in-law- Jill is due just before Thanksgiving, and my other sister-in-law- Fallon is due Christmas Day. I figured that at some point some of us might have some overlapping pregnancies, but I never imagined that I would be pregnant with all of my sisters-in-law at the same time! Now that is sisterhood! I am so excited to watch how this will all play out. Zane will always have someone to play with.

Fun milestone of the moment. Tonight, Tommy and I were sitting on the couch and I realized that I could actually see my tummy jump when Zane kicked. I got Tommy's attention, and he raised my shirt up and we both stared for a few seconds with nothing.... Tommy leaned down and talked to Zane. He asked Zane to please kick one more time. Right after he asked, our obedient little child responded and my tummy made a huge jump! My entertainment for the whole rest of this evening has been laying here watching my stomach jump around at Zane's every little move. Crazy!! If this is so fun, I can only imagine how much time I will spend watching his every move when he is out and I can actually see him. This is getting so fun!

We love you all!



  1. When Zane gets here, you will watch him move and say, oh my gosh, he used to make that exact movement inside me! Its the craziest thing :) How exciting about EVERY one of your sister-in-laws being pregnant at the same time. At some point, you guys will all have to take a pregnant family photo.

    Enough with this nausea already! Goodness Zane, give Mom a break! :)

  2. how sweet is that :) i'm so glad you're blogging, it makes keeping up with you so much more fun! zane sounds like he is gonna be a fireball, but in the cutest way, of course! i'm coming home in september around when you're due, so hopefully he'll be out then!

    its crazy that everyone is pregnant, but what a great story & childhood all youre kids will have! i wish i lived closer, all this baby stuff is making me want one, miss you xoxo