Saturday, January 2, 2010

4 months old!

You turned 4 months old on New Years' Eve, December 31. You are becoming such a big boy all of a sudden! You are 14 lbs, 10 oz., and 26 inches long. The doctor says you are tall for your age. Mommy is wondering what happened to her sweet, cuddly newborn because all of a sudden we have an active, playful baby. It has been so much fun to watch you play this month!

In many ways, this month has been quite difficult, at least for mommy. Mommy was sick for pretty much the whole month and that makes it really hard for her to keep up with you! We also continued to adjust to our new routine with Mommy back to work full time. That is still pretty challenging for Mommy because she just doesn't have the time to play with you and get everything else done that needs to be done when she is not at work. You were sick too this month. First, you just had a little congestion for a few days and you seemed to get over it pretty quickly. Then, about halfway through the month, you got an infection in your eye that turned into a full-fledged cold with a super-stuffy nose and a yucky cough. You were sick for the entire week leading up to Christmas and are really just now acting like yourself again the last few days. You have an ear infection now, too, after having all that congestion for so long, but it hasn't been slowing you down too much.

You went to your first wedding this month. Unfortunately, Mommy didn't get any pictures at the wedding, but you looked super cute in your sweater vest and slacks. Our friends, Amanda & Clif, from college, got married on December 12. You got to meet a lot of Mommy & Daddy's friends from college that day, and they were all so excited to get to see you. You got a little bored during the ceremony, but Daddy took you into the foyer so you could play with your friend Molly Kate, who is just a few months older than you. It was fun to get to show off our precious boy!

Mommy had a birthday this month. She turned 26 on Dec 16! I am sure you think that is really old! You and Gigi took Mommy out for her birthday because Daddy had responsibilities at church that day.
You with Mommy & Daddy on Mommy's birthday

You also had your first Christmas this month. You loved looking at Christmas trees and Christmas lights everywhere we went. Santa came to visit and left you some fun toys on Christmas morning. You liked playing with wrapping paper from all the gifts.

This month, we have really watched your curiosity spark! You are getting more and more control over your hands and you are reaching out and grabbing anything that you can. You have really started playing with toys this month and it has been a blast to watch you discover what your different toys can do. You love bouncing in your bouncy seat and listening to the lion play you songs. You even figured out how to make the lion work all by yourself so you can listen to the songs without Mommy & Daddy to pull the ring for you.

You love to smile and laugh when you are feeling good. It has been great to hear you laugh again as you have been feeling better this last week. You are becoming quite verbal and will babble and squeal at us all day long. You always have something very important to say!

We are trying lots of new things right now. After your 4 month doctor's appointment this week, she said that you could start trying some solid foods! You had your first bites of cereal on Tuesday and you really liked that new game! We are having to pull your high chair out of the box this weekend so we can start feeding you like a big boy. You also get to start playing in your bumbo seat because you are holding your head up so well. Pretty soon, I am sure you will change our whole world because you will be scooting all over the house by yourself. Mommy is trying to cherish these last few weeks of knowing that you will stay where she puts you down!

Video of Zane's first bites of cereal

You are such a joy to be around and we love you so much!


Mommy (Crystal)

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