Saturday, January 22, 2011

PARENTING a toddler!

I am so excited to get a quick moment to blog! Hopefully I can make it through a whole post without being interrupted but we will see. Zane and life in general keep me super busy these days and sitting down in front of the computer to write just does not happen very often.
Zane is a toddler in every definition of the word now. He really started walking the week before Christmas and that has changed EVERYTHING! It is like he is completely blossoming into his own little independent person more and more each day. It has been so much fun to watch him learn new things and beam in pride when he accomplishes something new. He loves that he can walk on his own to get to all kinds of places and he is already starting to try running. He loves carrying things around the house and taking them wherever he wants. He loves music these days and is even starting to try to sing!
Toddlerhood is also very challenging. I was talking to another mom the other day about how the first year, motherhood is really just caring for an infant. Now we are in full-fledged, no turning back PARENTING all day long. "Zane, no touch..... Zane,use your spoon.... Great job getting off the couch!.... No, you can't have your paci until bedtime." You get the picture. This is definitely a challenging stage as our communication is still fairly limited. It is so difficult for him to understand why we do things sometimes. We have cut the paci out to just bedtime and I think it broke his little heart for a few days that he would cry and cry at naptime but we just wouldn't give it to him. He is doing much better about that now, although he still usually cries a little. I think we have decided to give him until February to cut it out completely. We are not terribly worried about it causing permanent teeth damage or whatever right now, but I just know the longer we wait the more attached to it he becomes and the harder it will be to break it. Before we cut it to only night time, he was getting to a point where he wanted it all day long and would totally melt down if we took it away. I am not okay with that.
Zane's health continues to be a bit of a struggle. I have just become resigned to the fact that we will continue this cycle at least until respiratory season ends. I am just continually praying that we won't have any major illnesses or asthma flare-ups that we cannot get under control at home. After 3 months of pretty constant sinus infections, Zane had to have his adenoids removed in December. We were hopeful that this would fix everything but he has still been on antibiotics and steroids 3 times since the surgery. He has seemed to clear up the infection every time but we will get about one great week in before he starts all over again. I am just waiting for the day that immune system of steel that everyone says he is going to develop will kick in. We sure do enjoy those good weeks in between! Thankfully, each time he has only had minor sinus or ear infections and his asthma has never gotten to the point that we can't manage it with his nebulizer at home, although he has made me nervous a few times. I am also very thankful that he has a pulmonologist now and they are more than willing to call in medications for him over the phone just by talking to me about his symptoms. We have not had to miss work very much at all. We can also contact the on-call physician after hours and that has saved us at least one or two trips to the E.R.
We are excited about a new year. I know it is already the 22nd of January, but I never really got to reflect on last year and what we are excited about for the coming year. Honestly, when I have thought about 2010 as a whole, most of what comes to mind is medical. I guess it has just been that kind of year for us. Lots of doctor's visits (and doctor's bills), not only for Zane, but for myself and even Tommy. But I also see how God has been so faithful to us. It has been a really fun year of watching Zane grow and learn, getting together with his cousins and our friends, and relying on God's grace to get through each day. God has taken care of us and taught us much about his faithfulness.
So here it is, a year in review:

January 2010- We welcomed cousin Lylah to the Curry family!

We celebrated a late Christmas with the Currys after she arrived.

February brought the most snow we have ever seen in Texas in our lifetimes!

In March, we got to play with cousin Lylah.....
and Zane enjoyed playing with Daddy at home while Daddy was looking for a job.

April- We celebrated Easter....
and hung out with cousin Noah.
In May, we enjoyed the nice weather....
and had Zane's baby dedication.

June- We played with some friends....

And Mommy got to go to Austria for a week!

In July, Zane got tubes in his ears.

It was kind of a rough month, but cousins Foster and Emma came and played for a week and we had a blast with them!

In August, Little Man turned 1!

September brought us to a weekend trip to Dripping Springs to play with cousin Lylah.

And we had an early birthday celebration for cousin Noah (1st birthday in October).

In October, we had a great time with all the Curry cousins when we all went to the zoo....
and we took a trip to Abilene for Hardin-Simmons Homecoming!
Zane was a very cute dragon for Halloween, too.
In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Daddy's family...
and then had a late celebration with Gigi & Pops, Uncle Craig, Aunt Fallon, & Lylah!

December was, of course, a wonderful Christmas...... but this is the only December pic that I have access to at the moment!

I can't believe how much Zane grew through those pictures. It's hard to remember him looking so little! It's been a fun and crazy year. We are looking forward to 2011 to see what God will have for us. Every day is an adventure with a toddler in the house!

We love you all!


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