Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zane's Room

I finally have a few minutes to update and show you guys the progress we have made with the room. We took a leap and decided on the red paint for the room and we absolutely love it!! We also got the crib all put together so it is really beginning to look like a baby's room. To show you how far we have come, I am posting the very honest before pictures of this room. Before we did anything, this was the catch-all junk room in our house....

It doesn't even look like the same room anymore. With a lot of help from some friends, we installed a ceiling fan and got the room all painted.

How many men does it take to screw in a lightbulb.... er, install a fan? We've even got an Aggie in there. Thanks Andy & Brooks! Tommy's parents were a great help too!

Andy also stuck around and helped us tape the room to get ready for paint.

Our friends Mike Taylor and Mike Reed helped Tommy do most of the painting. They were both lifesavers!!

Tommy posing with walls almost done. Just lacking one coat of red!

And now for the finished walls!!

We think the red turned out great!! I will post pictures of the crib in a separate post because I am out of time. Off we go again!



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paint Problems

We have yet to decide on a paint color for the nursery. So I need some help from some of my more design inclined friends, or really anyone.... It has been harder than we thought to find a shade of blue that we both like on the wall and that matches/coordinates with the blue in the bedding. The blue in the bedding is almost a denim blue, which looks like a gray blue on the wall and that looks a little depressing to Tommy. We are still considering blue at this point, but I decided to think outside the box today. Up to this point, I have been trying to avoid very dark or bold colors since our bedding is so colorful and bright, but I am willing to consider anything at this point. My friend Nikki and I picked up a stack of paint swatches tonight in a variety of colors and ideas. Tommy and I are both kind of liking the concept of painting red on the bottom and painting the top a creamish-tan. (We already have a chairrail in the room). I really feel like the red would grow with Zane as we go from baby room to toddler room in a few years. My only concern is that it might come across as too much with the bright bedding. I am rationalizing however that with the furniture and everything, much of the red will be covered so maybe it wouldn't be too much. Please tell me what you think!!

Let us know what you think. If you have additional suggestions, we will take them. We are trying to avoid green because we already have another bedroom in the house painted green as well as the bathroom. I am also stearing away from yellow because I don't think that would grow up with him very well. But, I am still open to suggestions!