Friday, November 30, 2012

A Very Merry Half Birthday!

You turned 6 months old on Monday, 11/19! I can't believe how fast half a year has gone. You have so much personality now. You love when people talk to you. You either smile big and jabber back or you smile bashfully and turn your head away like you are being shy.
You weren't really rolling over much until this week but it clicked now and you can flip yourself from your tummy to back in moments and figured out on Sunday how to go from back to tummy. You were so proud of yourself flipping all over the place to reach your toys! You are getting better everyday at supported sitting. I can almost get you to hold yourself up with your hands. I just know that once you can sit, we will blink and you will be all over the place! I remember how fast things seemed with Zane after that milestone.
You love to watch everything and be around the family. You are beginning to recognize your grandparents and good friends that we see often. You get excited and kick your legs until they pick you up.

We had our first trip to the zoo and first Halloween this month. You were so good natured at the zoo, never fussing , even if we forgot to point the stroller at the animals. You let us dress you up on Halloween and were the cutest little ladybug I ever saw!

You were sick for most of the month, starting at the end of October and still going. We will think you are on the mend and then you get a new wave of something. Nothing serious but you did have to start breathing treatments for bronchiolitis with wheezing 2 weeks ago. We were disappointed to start that with you after all that Zane has been through. We are hopeful that your path will be easier!

Here are some pictures from 5-6 mos:

We took cupcakes to "Great-Pops" (Tommy's grandfather) for his birthday

We went to mommy's 10 year high school reunion

Sweet Ladybug Taryn

Ladybug & Superman

Super Zane!

So the memory on my phone keeps filling up so I don't have as many pictures this month! Maybe Santa will bring me a new phone, or maybe I just need to delete a lot of pictures that are already saved!

Sweet girl, we hope you start feeling much better soon so you can fully enjoy life again! We love you!

With love,

Mommy (Crystal)

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