Saturday, January 21, 2012

Taryn May is on Her Way!

I am absolutely appalled that I have not blogged since July. Here's hoping for more time and motivation to post in the new year! Not like we are going to be busy or anything with Baby #2 on her way! I am sure anyone who follows my blog probably already knows that we are excitedly preparing for our baby girl to arrive around May 24. Zane is starting to get just a little excited about having a baby sister. I think he will be a fantastic big brother to her.

Our baby girl will be named Taryn May. We hope that Taryn will be a name that will grow with her and fit her personality, whatever that may be. Her middle name, May, although coincidentally will likely be the month she is born, is actually to honor 2 special women in Tommy's family. His maternal grandmother, May Bell Wallace, passed away in an accident before Tommy was born. Her mother, Tommy's great-grandmother, Josie May Cox, lived to be 96 years old and held the family together for 5 generations, passing away in 2008 on the same day as Tommy's great-grandfather after their 75 year marriage. Granny always teased that she hoped someone in the family would name a baby Josie after her. Hopefully she will be just as pleased with her middle name being passed on. While neither Tommy or I ever had an opportunity to know May Bell, we know that she raised her family in the Lord and her children hold her in high esteem.

A young May Bell

Pa & Granny- J.C. & Josie May Cox

Taryn May's first close up

Sorry for the sideways picture. I couldn't rotate it on my phone. We are trying to get ready for Taryn's arrival. Funny, most of the things on my to do list right now have to do with Zane's transition to big boy/big brother. We have to get his room together to free up our baby furniture. Hopefully, I will make the time for more posts to come about potty training and the upcoming transition to the big boy bed! He is becoming such a big boy so quickly.

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