Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday, Zane!

So, Mommy is a little behind this month! We celebrated your half-birthday, 6 months old, 10 days ago. We have been super busy, but this was too big of a milestone to skip over! You are such a joy to everyone around you. Even though things have been difficult this month, you are definitely the bright spot of each day! Your big personality shows more and more each day and you grew up so much this month.
This is one of our favorite moments with you from early in February. We were reading a book to you about a baby monkey who wants a hug and you starting trying to say the word "hug"! We know you didn't know what it meant, but it sure was fun!


We had a record amount of snow this month. On Feb 11 & 12, we got a combined total of about 1 foot. That is crazy for this area of Texas! You weren't nearly as impressed by the snow as your Mommy & Daddy but you humored us and let us take you out bundled up for some pictures.

Zane with the Snowman

You rolled over a few more times this month. :-) We have decided that you are just too laid back to care enough to roll over all the time. You are just content to lay where you are playing with your feet or whatever toy you might have. We have seen you do it, but you just don't do it very often.
You got better and better at sitting up. This is what you really want to be doing. When you are laying down, you are often raising your head and trying to pull yourself to a sitting position. You like to see and interact with the world. By last week, you are now able to remain sitting on your own for up to 30 seconds or so before you topple over! This was very exciting for all of us.
You play peek-a-boo, even when no one is playing it with you. That seems pretty advanced for a 6 month old, but you know what you are doing. You pull the blanket over your face and then laugh and kick when we notice. If your hands are under the blanket, you can even throw it off yourself and squeal when we say "Peek-a-Boo!" You love it when someone else plays too. You think it is hilarious for Daddy to pop out from behind something.
You LOVE to eat. You have mastered baby food so well! You are now eating a variety of veggie and fruit purees. We haven't found anything yet that you don't like. You get very impatient when you don't think Mommy or Daddy are feeding you fast enough and you often get upset when all the food is gone.

You slept through the night for the very first time on the night of February 7, the Superbowl. I guess you were worn out from all that football! We were very excited! This still hasn't quite become a pattern, but at least we know it is possible. You still nap pretty well most days, taking 2-3 naps 1-2 hours each and you go down for bed like an angel. You have a stuffed giraffe ("G-Raf") that you have grown some attachment to and you smile so big when we wind it up at night and hand it to you playing a lullaby. You hold it and chew on its ears until you get sleepy and then you drift off without a peep usually.
You dealt with some sickness this month but it didn't get you down too much. You had lingering bronchiolitis and an ear infection at the beginning of February that required breathing treatments. This got better and we had just weaned the breathing treatments completely when you got sick again at the very end of February. It was back to the doctor and back on the breathing treatments, with an added medicine, for you. It didn't really slow you down much until another ear infection hit and made you pretty miserable. We are over all of that now but have to continue breathing treatments for another couple of weeks.
You are teething now. :-( This has made everyone unhappy. It is hard for your Mommy and Daddy to see our happy, usually independent little guy so grumpy and clingy. We know that it is only because your gums hurt so bad! We are doing our best to help you feel better and we hope those teeth will get through soon and give you a break!

Your 2nd Haircut!!

You had your last day at your school on February 26. We were very sad to take you out and your teachers were sad to see you go. All your little friends made a big card with all of their footprints and names on it! On the bright side, you are having the opportunity for some great bonding time with Daddy while he is looking for a job! You will be back in daycare before we know it and I am sure he will miss his time with you. Daddy has been a great stay-at-home dad these last couple of weeks!

Sitting Up

Zane, we love you dearly!! Every day you make us laugh and smile as you grow and learn!

With love,

Mommy (Crystal)