Sunday, June 2, 2013

Taryn is ONE!

I can't believe how much our world has changed in a year or how fast it has gone! Sweet Taryn, your first birthday was May 19! What a blessed year we have had with you in our family!
You are now 18 lbs, 9 oz (29%ile) and 29 inches tall. You're still a little thing but you are definitely becoming such a big girl.
You know about 5-6 words, although lately, you are repeating more things and seem to be learning something new everyday!
You have a very unique little scoot-crawl that you use to get around, earning you a nickname from mommy of "Scooter." It gets you where you want to go and you have a hand free to carry things so I think it's just efficiency!
You are usually pretty content to scoot-crawl around the house and play with toys independently or with your big brother. Your favorite toys right now are Zane's cars and duplo blocks. You also love to look at books, but you get frustrated if I actually try to read one to you. It interrupts your page turning! Your big brother is still your favorite entertainment and he is usually happy to oblige. You guys already seem to have a very deep bond. I hope that will just get deeper as you get older.
You just recently got the confidence to pull up to your feet and not just your knees. You are very proud of yourself when you do! You've decided that standing with support is not so bad after all and maybe learning to walk is a good idea. You will take a couple of steps while holding on, if we prompt you. I know you will walk when you are ready but I am in no more hurry than you are. Your new pulling up skills have opened up your world to some climbing. You love getting on top of a pack of diapers or Bubba's little chair and sitting like you own the whole place.
You are eating really well these days. We only give you baby food occasionally, and mostly just because we need to use it up! You at least try almost anything we put in front of you. You love shredded cheese, black beand, and, of course, any kind of sweets.

We are really enjoying watching your personality grow and make itself known. I can't even fathom all that you are going to learn this next year!
Here's a few pictures from the last several months:

Ear Tubes surgery in March

Taryn playing with friend Nathan

First night in "big girl" jammies

Easter egg hunt

Easter morning

Bucket heads! Zane with cousins Noah, Lydia, Isabella, & Hannah

She loves to rock!

She likes to sleep with her feet sticking out of the crib, just like her mama & pops sleep with one leg out of the covers!

"Tony Stark" on our trip to Lubbock in April

Taryn with cousin Emma

Sweet Taryn at 11 months

When I put this hat on her, she sulked until she fell asleep in her stroller

Enjoying black beans

Taryn & Zane with Mimi & cousin Isabella

Veggie Tales birthday party!

She threw most of her cake on the floor!

Birthday girl!

Finally Pulling up!

Zane's last day of preschool for the school year.

She got in there herself.

Fun family time at the park on Memorial Day

YouTube Video

The Scoot-Crawl!

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