Monday, February 25, 2013

9 months!

I cannot believe our baby girl is 9 months old! She is such a joy! She loves to bounce up and down and jabber "sing" to just about any music. She still adores her brother, always watching him, and she thinks everything he does is hilarious, even if mommy & daddy disagree. She loves to sit on the floor and play with whatever she can get her hands on. We are just waiting for her to start crawling any day now. She scoots herself in circles on her bottom to reach toys and can scoot backwards on hard floors. Sometimes she will reach out for a toy and end up on her belly. For just a minute she will push herself up in the front with her arms but then she falls back down and fusses until I sit her back up or she rolls herself to her back. If she didn't hate tummy time so much I think she would already be crawling. That's okay, though. I am in no rush to have 2 mobile kiddos!

She loves mealtime and has become more opinionated about her food. She particularly dislikes peas. She will let me put them in her mouth but she will cry like something hurts until I stop! We had to get a little sneaky by mixing the things she doesn't like with something sweeter. She also loves Cheerios. She picks up a handful, puts her whole fist in her mouth, and releases them. She drops surprisingly few of them with this method! I'm pretty impressed!

Taryn jabbers quite a bit and seems to know what she is saying sometimes. She has said both "dada" and "bubba" in the right context. Still no love for mama yet but I did get a "ma-va" the other day so we are on the right track. She loves to blow raspberries with her tongue and is impressively good at it.

She loves toys, especially remotes, cell phones, and anything Brother is playing with! She much prefers sitting on her own to play and explore than being contained in an exersaucer or pack n play.

She is 27 3/4 inches tall (50th percentile) and 16 lbs, 6 oz (10th percentile). She's a petite little thing, especially after her brother, who has always been built like a linebacker. She still has just 2 teeth, on the bottom but seems to be working on more. She is growing TOO fast! We are soaking in this precious time of babyhood!

Here are some pics from the last 2 months:

Hulk Smash!

"Mom, why do you love putting me in frilly outfits so much?"

Starting to feed herself

Our friends, Zeke & Zad, turned 1 on New Years Day! What little miracles they are!!

Looking a bit guilty while playing with brother's favorite toy

Our first "tea party"

We visited my brother's family in Dripping Springs in early January. Zane had a blast with his cousin Lylah!

We stopped by to visit the great-grandparents on our way home.

We welcomed our new friend, Nathan, and played with big brother, Micah.

Taryn adored her baby cousins, Shepherd and Cash, when both my brothers' families came for a visit in mid-January.

Babies always seem a little confused by my brother, Craig...

Our nephews, Shepherd and Cash, born 11 days apart!!!

All the Curry grandkids! A group picture is pretty difficult these days!

We enjoyed a beautiful "Texas winter" day at the park.

First "lunch date" with her BFF Tabitha

Playing trucks with Bubba

Enjoying a ride with cousin Isabella at Chuck E Cheese while brother hid from the mascot in a slide

Crazy bedhead!

Our little Valentines

Zane aka Batman!

We love you so much sweet girl!


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